Collaboration that works for everyone.

Webex is committed to making collaboration accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Person takes a Webex Meeting in the kitchen

Accessibility features, built for you.

At Webex, our goal is to create a truly inclusive experience that can adapt to everyone. That’s why we build and continuously improve our collaboration solutions with accessibility, usability, and inclusivity at the forefront.

Example of keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard accessibility

Use your keyboard to navigate through Webex or set up keyboard shortcuts to access various features.

Screen reader support​

Webex supports the use of screen readers and is also committed to the continuous expansion of our compatibility with screen reader features.

Examples of screen readers

Closed captioning​

Easily follow along in a meeting with real-time closed captioning on screen.

Example of closed captioning

Font & icons​​

Choose high contrast settings so that it's easier to view the text and icons in Webex.

Example of font and icons
Example of interpreter integration

Integrate interpreters​

Assign interpreters (including sign language) to a meeting, and easily customize a view for deaf & hard-of-hearing users to ensure the interpreter video is always visible.

Automated transcripts

Get written transcriptions of your full meeting, complete with clearly labeled speakers, so you never miss a detail. 

Example of automated, written transcription

Custom layouts

Choose your own view by customizing your video layouts to best suit your needs.

Example of custom layouts


Express yourself in more ways during your meeting. Use on-screen emojis by simply gesturing with your hands.

Example of gestures
Person uses the gestures feature in a Webex Meeting


Create inclusive meeting experiences that adapt to your needs with features like custom layouts, keyboard shortcuts for meeting navigation, real-time language translation, and more.

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Person uses Webex Messaging on the go


Customize your messaging experience by using one of our dark mode themes, or set up keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through the app.

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Person enjoys ease of Webex Calling


Create a more accessible calling experience with features that enable you to search and call contacts with ease using predefined shortcuts, or answer and decline calls using hotkeys.

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Help & support

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Let us know if you are experiencing an issue or need to request a product fix.

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Need help?​

Visit our Help Center for user guides, help articles, ​and accessible how-to videos.

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Accessibility support​

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT)

Take a look at the Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT) to get details about accessibility support in Webex.​


Adheres to the following standards, guidelines, and laws with exceptions Sect 508, 255, ADA, CVAA, WCAG 2.1 A, and AA​

​Supports accessibility for sight, hearing, and motion