Webex Expert
on Demand

Deliver the power of hands-free collaboration to the frontline.

Equip your frontline workers for smarter, safer hybrid work.
A frontline worker completes a task, leveraging Webex Expert on Demand and wearing a Glass headset, developed by Google.
A frontline worker in a RealWear Headset works on some machinery, leveraging Webex Expert on Demand.
A remote expert collaborates with a frontline worker via Webex Expert on Demand.

Transform your remote collaboration with augmented reality.

Webex Expert on Demand gives frontline workers safe and reliable access to the right experts instantly, from even the farthest edge of your business.

Critical incident response Respond to and resolve critical incidents quickly.
On-the-job training Deliver standardized, live on-the-job training to your company's most far-flung postings.
Day-to-day operations Stay on top of day-to-day operations, remotely and securely.

Meet our partners.

Expert on Demand seamlessly integrates with other powerful technologies, equipping frontline workers to solve problems faster.

A frontline worker in a RealWear Headset leverages Webex Expert on Demand to complete a task.

RealWear Headsets

Maximize frontline worker productivity with this high resolution, voice-activated collaboration headset from our innovation partners at RealWear.

A frontline worker uses AI tools to get guidance.


Optimize your frontline workforce with Augmentir's powerful suite of AI-powered, connected tools.

A modern collaboration experience for the frontline.

Connect and solve problems in real time with Expert on Demand's assisted reality technology.

A doctor in a medical office looks at a mobile phone.
Two frontline workers examine  some machinery together.
A frontline worker wearing a RealWear Headset works on some machinery.
A remote expert works from her kitchen and leverages Expert on Demand to consult with a frontline worker who is on site.
A frontline worker in a safety helmet and reflective vest consults a mobile phone while standing near shelves of cardboard boxes.
A remote expert in an office consults with a frontline worker on site, leveraging Webex Expert on Demand.

Leading the industry in collaboration.

Dive deeper into how Webex Expert on Demand can empower your frontline workers with incredible collaboration experiences.

Webex Expert on Demand and RealWear

Bring experts right to the frontline with Expert on Demand and RealWear headsets. Workers can easily connect and collaborate via voice commands, multiparty video calling, content sharing, and real-time annotation.