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Healthcare has transformed dramatically and providing excellent virtual care will continue to be vital post-pandemic. Webex is here to help you offer seamless, secure telehealth experiences; collaborate across healthcare systems; and maintain the highest quality of care.
A doctor uses Webex to manage patient care

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Enable physicians to meet with patients anywhere they are
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Why Webex for telehealth.

Patients and doctors meet on Webex

Virtual consultations

High quality HD video and audio for face-to-face consults between patients and doctors, anytime, anywhere.

A doctor attends a training via Webex

Accessible training

Connect clinical and administrative workers for virtual training, and easily record for on-demand viewing.

A doctor connects with other health care professionals using Webex

Collaboration across hospitals

Quickly and easily connect to other healthcare professionals, virtually.

A healthcare professional enjoys the ease of Webex Services' centralized system

One centralized management system

Easily manage and secure your Webex Services with a centralized system that provides actionable insights to help drive adoption.

A nurse uses Webex to securely share medical files

Secure medical file sharing

Share medical files in meetings and annotate on documents for knowledge sharing and clear communication with patients.

A doctor uses Webex to meet with patients safely and securely

End-to-end security

Strong encryption to meet the most stringent security requirements.

Collaboration solutions for healthcare.

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  • A doctor connects with staff using Webex for telehealth


    Use Webex for telehealth. Connect your clinical staff and care team with patients anywhere.

  • A doctor scans a patient's ID tag

    Webex Devices

    Enable remote collaboration between physicians across offices.

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