Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Security that’s built in, not bolted on.

People enjoy a secure meeting using Webex devices
Best in class security in independent evaluation
Zero-Trust Security for Webex
Secure by design. Private by default.

Webex provides extended security options, advanced privacy features, and built-in compliance options for industry and regional requirements so you can meet and collaborate securely.

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    Data residency options

    Choose where your data is stored. PII, messages, files, and whiteboard data are kept in your region of choice.

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    Legal and compliance

    Built-in compliance tools eliminate the need for third-party solutions that accommodate legal holds and data retention.

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    Safeguard with data loss prevention

    Protect sensitive information from being shared or shown to keep your organization and clients safe and compliant.

  • Ensure security when it comes to hybrid work.
    Ensure security when it comes to hybrid work.

    Deliver extended security capabilities, advanced privacy features, and built-in compliance options to meet industry and regional requirements.

    Enterprise-grade protection and compliance.
    Keep your data extra safe

    When you use Webex, all your communications occurs over strongly encrypted channels.

    Authenticate every user

    Message and share files securely with required user verification to ensure the highest level of privacy.

    Store data indefinitely and safely

    Your data will be safe at-rest until a user deletes it or per your policy.

    Ensure highly secure search

    Get search results sent directly to your authenticated device before they become decrypted.

    Protect every device and browser

    Customize security controls including idle timeout, device PIN enforcement, and remote wipe of any Webex content.

    Manage with eDiscovery

    Administrators can search and extract any content or data, including time stamps, space IDs, and participant IDs.

    Webex Security Advantage

    Learn how Webex designs secure experiences based on the principles from Cisco's Security and Trust organization.

    Explore more ways to collaborate securely.
    Pro Pack
    Get unlimited data for eDiscovery search and extractions, plus the ability to create flexible retention policies.
    Extended Security Pack
    Help guard against threats with Cisco Cloudlock CASP, powered by Cisco Talos ClamAV anti-malware.
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